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About Us

Arabian horses  are the passion and pride of the Stonebacks of Strattanville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Richard Stoneback has had a clear vision for his breeding program since it began over 40 years ago. Not one to follow the 'Flavor Of the Month' stallions, he has stayed true to the lines that inspired him to enter the world of Arabian breeding. This has lead to his program being one of a special few that still has up close and undiluted Crabbet & CMK breeding.


Breeding such as Oran, *Count Dorsaz, Al-Marah Radames, Garaff, Dargee and *Silver Vanity still up close in the pedigree make the Stoneback horses very rare in today's Arabian world market. These lines were bred to be athletes of the best Arabian type so they are suited to any endeavor requiring stamina, athleticism, agility, heartiness and they are definitely ideal for any Sport Horse activities.


Randy Stoneback carries on.........

An experienced trainer and showman, Randy demonstrates the athletic ability and conformantional correctness of the Stoneback Arabians in every discipline. Randy is not only known for his excellent training abiliy, but also for his "championship" devotion to his clients. His work with his amateurs is evident in their successes.

Randy is never too busy to pitch in and help a fellow horseman whether it's with a horse or a truck or a trailer or any other problem. He demonstrates a real caring attitude with his horses as well as with his acquaintances.

​"Building on the past, but looking to the future"..........Randy Stoneback

Randy Stoneback and Laura Anderson manage the herd of breeding horses here at Stonebacks. They are knowledgeable of every mare and foal and can tell you all about each one. Beauty, athletic ability, and loving personalities are all traits that are obvious in the horses bred here. Randy emphasizes that it is the goal of the farm to breed horse to horse, not just pedigree to pedigree, and that is easy to see in the excellent conformation and dispositions of each new foal. Stop over at the Sales Page to see what he means.

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