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2021  Sales List

* Indicates possible lease mare
RBA Royal Dream

(SH Royal Aces x CH Badaah Badiim)


​     Lots of black breeding in her dam's pedigree

     Breath taking motion..........

     Sire is homozygous for Pinto and for Black

     Royal Aces is foundation Barb Olsen breeding.......

     Eligible for registration Half-Arab and Pinto 


dream left 7065ab.jpg
TB Ruby Rose

(Gaiffreedom x TB Porcelin Rose)

AHR 627811

​     Ferzon and Padron up close in her pedigree

     Gaffizon granddaughter

     Ferzon/Azraff bred

     Very correct, big and beautiful

     Video available


RBA Royal Dream
RBA Royal Dream

Dream is a gorgeous black and white Part-Arab filly. She is over 99% Arabian. Offered by for sale.

TB Ruby Rose *
TB Ruby Rose *

2005 Purebred Arabian Mare

JMF Marquise *
JMF Marquise *

2000 Purebred Arabian Mare

TB Aza Melody *
TB Aza Melody *

2006 Grey purebred Arabian mare by Gaifreedom and out of a double Rapport granddaughter.

TB Misty Dawn *
TB Misty Dawn *

2004 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

Amyr Magic Tassel*
Amyr Magic Tassel*

2001 Purebred Mare

Evolushahn Bey *
Evolushahn Bey *

(Bey Shahn x Lynara Czaramigo) HAHR 6A355796

The Cisco Kidd
The Cisco Kidd

2020 Black and White pinto colt

Jack and Touch N Magic
Jack and Touch N Magic
Anglo-Arab Gelding
Anglo-Arab Gelding
TB Victoria
TB Victoria
Daily Prophet
Daily Prophet

2015 Part Arab Gelding

RBA Phizz II
RBA Phizz II

(RBA El Sheik x Giannis Oreo Princess)

Ladys Royal Gamble
Ladys Royal Gamble

2020 Black and white pinto gelding.

Amyr GG Oracle *
Amyr GG Oracle *

Great Gainey daughter

Mizpah Yekaterina*
Mizpah Yekaterina*

Azraff/Ferzon Bred

Irish Thyme SA
Irish Thyme SA

2004 Purebred Stallion Champion in Halter

JMF Marquise

​(Gai Monarch x Shai Teyna)

AHR 581130

​     Shown a lot in Halter

     Reserve Champion in Halter

     Dam of a palomino filly

     Many "greats" in her pedigree including Ferzon,

     Azraff, Gaffizon, Bey Shah, and Simeon Shai

     Video available

     A real steal!!!!!!


TB Aza Melody

(Gaiffreedom x TB Azarappsody)

AHR 645616

​     Gaffizon granddaughter

     Ferzon/Azraff bred

     Video available

     Lovely mover

     Really nice mare and very well bred


TB Misy Dawn

(Gaiffreedom x Azarapposody)

AHA 627828

​  For Lease Only----      NOT FOR SALE

 Azraff/Ferzon bred mare

     Dam of 3 foals

     Video available

     Very gentle

     Nice mare and well bred



RBA Captain Jack

(JMF Khnight Magic x Touch N Magic)


2019 Half-Arab Colt

Typey and Correct

Lots of potential

Sire and dam are show winners

62.5% Arabian






Amyr Magic Tassel

(*Silvern Magic x FV Silver Tassel)

AHA 627793 




Evolushahn Bey

(Bey Shahn x  Magic x Lynara Czaramigo)

HAHA 6A355796

Ribbon Winner in SHIH 

at the Games





The Cisco Kidd 

    (SH Royal Aces x Sun-Kist Mekisha)


     Gorgeous Pinto Gelding

Eligible for triple registration

Very correct and flashy!!!



melody P1220321.jpg
bay mare nice 5897.jpg
bay gelding nice1965.jpg
blackie colt cute7108.jpg
colt 0.jpg
Ladys Royal Gamble

    (SH Royal Aces x Blacklady Shateza)



2020 Black/White Colt

Double registered Pinto and Half-Arab

Very easy going and loves people

Correct and very flashy 



Amyr GG Oracle

(Great Gainey x Amyr Orana)

AHA 627794 

2003 Purebred Mare




yucca nice4629.jpg
Mizpah Yekaterina

(Milrich Native x

Overlook Aria)

AHA 648431 

2002 Purebred Mare

Heavily Azraff/Ferzon bred



Irish Thyme SA

(Pyro Thyme x Devine Chance SA)

AHA 627193 

2004 Purebred Stallion

Numerous Championships In Halter

Regional and East Coast

Proven sire of gorgeous foals

Very strong pedigree

Don't miss this guy!!!





Daily Prophet

(RSA Prophet x

Evolushahn Bey)


HAHA 7A378573


Striking and fancy

Part Arab Gelding

Athletic with lots of potential





TB Victoria

(Gaiffreedom x Amyr Diana)

AHA 646286


Azraff/Ferzon breeding 


Rainbow Black Arabians  and Ara-Pintos

      owned by Bonnie L. Heiser


RBA Phizz II

(RBA El Sheik x Giannis Oreo Princess)


2020 Black Colt

75% Arabian

Very Correct with lots of substance

Lovely head and neck 

Short coupled with a strong hip

2 Cisco 8015.jpg




Congratulations to Liz Davidson on the purchase of Phizz.