Mare Lease Program

Take a look at the mares that are available through our "on-site" lease opportunity and then read about the details.........

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We have heard from so many of you that you would love to breed to one of our awesome stallions, but that you don't have a mare or the space or the ability to foal out a mare...........  Well, guess what? 

We may have a very workable solution for you.

We have several outstanding mares available here at Randy Stoneback Arabians that would make fabulous mares to carry you dream horse. With this lease program, we would keep the mare here at the farm and even foal her out for you. Upon weaning, you would have total rights to the resulting foal.  Look at the conditions:

  • You may choose one or more of the available mares.

  • We will keep her here at the farm for the cost of board at $200.00/month dry and $250.00/month with her foal until weaning.

  • You may choose to breed to any stallion standing here at the farm for HALF the advertised stud fee.

  • We will be glad to keep you updated on the status of the mare and her foal until weaning and you are welcome to visit your foal as you desire.

  • In addition to the above pictured mares, we have other farm mares, pure Crabbet and  straight Russian mares available. Let us know what kind of mare you might desire and we will see what we have that might work for you.

Give us a call and talk to us about this amazing program!   Let's see what we can do for you!!

Mares Available

Evolushahn Bey
Amyr Annette PC
Mizpah Yekaterina
TB Victoria
Twin Brook Lark
Amyr GG Oracle
TB Aza Melody
JMF Marquise
TB Ruby Rose
Amyr Magic Tassel
TB Misty Dawn
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Be sure to check out the stallion pages to view the stallions that you may want to  consider for your leased mare.  

Irish Thyme SA                       JMF Khnight Magic

SH Royal Aces                       SF Munieco+/

RBA El Sheik                       A Golden Alybi

TB Razmataz                        TB Song Of Qarada


SF Miravoi                           SF Maksim

Chopmist Karrick                         Krasimir

RSA Prophet                         SSA Dargon PC

SSA Jawad PC                      FFC Lorahnce

SSA Kadets Legacy PC                 Sandarac Cocedar

Updated    6/28/2020

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