Russian Related Stallions.........


Russian related stallions are ones who have Russian crosses in their pedigrees, but also have horses, there,  who carry  other lines, not found in the RASB. These lines could include Polish, Egyptian, Crabbet, or domestic.  Feel free to ask questions about the pedigrees and what to expect from these lines.  

SF Prospero

2008 Purebred Arabian

(RSA Prophet x Amyr Marjorie)




2008  Russian related stallion


Lines to *Muscat, Marsianin, Salon, and Kumir


Extensive show record in halter including Region 15 and East Coast Champion


Very typey with a nice, balanced move. 




2012 Resrve East Coast Champion SHIH

2011 Region 16 Champion SHIH AT

2011 Region 16 Top 5 SHIH Open

2011 Region 15 Reserve Champion SHIH AT