Straight Russian bred  & Russian-Related


Straight Russian bred stallions would refer to ones where every pedigree  line traces to the Russian Arabian Stud Book which is designated as  RASB.  The Russian breeding program worked to  blend the best characteristics from several different lines to breed an Arabian of  high quality. They bred to create better horses! Therefore,  the foundation stock used in the Russian breeding program came from England, Poland, Egypt, and even from France. All Russian stallions are tested on the race track and must score to a certain level before being used at stud.  For more information about Russian bred Arabians, you may like to take a look at this link:   

Russian Related Stallions.........


Russian related stallions are ones who have Russian crosses in their pedigrees, but also have horses, there,  who carry  other lines, not found in the RASB. These lines could include Polish, Egyptian, Crabbet, or domestic.  Feel free to ask questions about the pedigrees and what to expect from these lines.  

SF Miravoi

2008 Purebred Arabian

(Chopmist Kizhi x Chopmist Kazmira)



2012 East Coast Top Five Stallion Open

2012 East Coast Champion Amateur



Type, elegance, pretty and a big fancy mover sum up this young stallion. Jr is an exciting stallion that has done consistently well in the show ring. He has a modern-day look that goes back to quality bloodlines of yesteryear, double *Marsianin and double *Muscat.                                                                                                                                                                                                        ......Owned by Daniel Sudilovsky, MD.

SF Maksim

2008 Purebred Arabian

(Chopmist Kizhi x Chopmist Katrin)








          Double *Muscat and double *Marsianin


          Ribbons in SHIH


          Strong, powerful movement

  ......Owned by Daniel Sudilovsky, MD.

Chopmist Karrick

2003 Purebred Arabian

(*Prosit x Chopmist Kazmira)





        2017 Region 16 SHIH Champion Hunter Type


         2017 Region 16 SHIH Res. Champion Dressage Type 


        2017 Region 16 Res. Championpion Dressage Type ATH

astraw 0229.jpg
astraw 0204.jpg
astraw 4393.jpg

....owned by Laura Anderson

  ......Owned by Daniel Sudilovsky, MD.

Krazmir 2.jpg

2007 Purebred Arabian

(Nefison x Novaya)






                    2018 SHIH National Champion ATH Hunter Type

                    2018 SHIH Res. National Champion Open Hunter Type

                    2017 SHIH Res. National Champion Open Dressage Type

                    2017 SHIH  Top Ten ATH Dressage Type


                     Numerous Regional Championships and Reserves




  ......Owned by Daniel Sudilovsky, MD.

RSA Prophet


1992 Purebred Arabian

(*Prosit x Ran DA Nabelle)






1992  Russian related stallion


A *Prosit son out of a Nabiel granddaughter


Many championships in halter and SHIH


Also shown successfully  in Hunter Pleasure


Sire of several ribbon winning get